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The fourth edition of the Entretiens européens on

“The 2006 French Law - A Contribution to a European Policy?”

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took place in the CIC of Paris on October 11th, 2006.

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This conference aimed at pointing out the progresses of the French law on management of nuclear waste, and at having reactions of Europeans stakeholders emerge, on the basis of their own national experiences and jurisdictions. Could the French law be a model for other member States and a contribution to a European framework?
The French 2006 law on the sustainable management of radioactive waste and materials has been adopted in June. Here is a translation made by the OPECST.
It is sponsored by the European Commission and the French Government. The event enjoys partnership with Confrontations Europe, FORATOM, and has been given the support of Andra, AREVA, CEA, EDF (France’s electricity board) and Electrabel Suez. 

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A working group, gathering researchers, French and European stakeholders and chaired by Claude Fischer, Executive Directorof ASCPE, meets regularly in order to prepare these discussions around two round tables and the « Letter ». This half-yearly newsletter, “la Lettre des Entretiens européens is distributed to 10 000 people all over Europe in order to answer public opinion concerns (in French and in English).

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Minutes of the conference (pdf)      
Invitation and programme (pdf)

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SLIDES shown during the conference

 Paul Golan (OCRWM)
pdf-Slides Paul Golan
Slides Paul Golan
 François-Michel Gonnot (Andra)
pdf-Slides François-Michel Gonnot
Slides François-Michel Gonnot
 Robert Leclere (Synatom)
pdf-Slides Robert Leclere
Slides Robert Leclere
 Timo Seppälä (Posiva Oy)
pdf-Slides Timo Seppala
Slides Timo Seppälä
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pdf-Actes conférence déchets nucléaires
pdf-Minutes conference nuclear waste
Minutes in English
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