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Bar-Le-Duc 2004

The second edition took place in Bar-Le-Duc on 26th November 2004 on

The Governance of Nuclear Waste

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290 economic and social stakeholders from 10 European countries and Canada attended the conference.


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programme, issues and CV
pdf-Actes conférence nucléaire
Minutes of the conference



Claude Fischer

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Fischer small 


Christian Namy, president of the Meuse General Council

Namy Namy1

Message from

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Patrick Devedjian, french vice- minister of Industry


First round table

TR10 TR19 TR11

The stakeholders strategy and their management of nuclear waste in France and in Europe

Moderator: Alejo Vidal Quadras Roca, vice-president of the European Parliament, Spain
Gábor Buday, director Science and Technologie, PURAM, Hongrie
Yves Le Bars,chairman, Andra
Bruno Lescoeur, director of the Energy branch, EDF
Irena Mele, strategic councelor, ARAO, Slovenia
Serge Perez, member of the national Bureau, FNME, CGT
Etienne Pochon, director of Patrimony and Cleaning up, CEA
Philippe Pradel, director of the sector Treatment-Recycling-Logistic, COGEMA
Olof Söderberg, president of the Fund dedicated to nuclear waste management, consellor at KASAM, Sweden

 Vidal-quadras  Buday  LeBars
Alejo Vidal
Quadras Roca
Gábor Buday  Yves Le Bars 
 Lescoeur  Mele  Perez
 Bruno Lescoeur Irena Mele  Serge Perez
Pochon Pradel Soderberg
Etienne Pochon Philippe Pradel Olof Söderberg
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TR100 TR1 TR15


TR12 TR13 TR14

TR16 TR17 TR18





Jean-Yves Le Déaut,
deputy for Meurthe-et-Moselle,
vice-president, OPECST

David McCauley,
senior policy advisor,
Uranium and Radioactive Waste Division,
Natural Resources, Government of Canada


Second round table

chichestertrib entretienstrba

The partnership between stakeholders and local municipalities for a sustainable development on territories

Moderator: Giles Chichester,member of the European Parliament, president European Foundation for Energy, president of ITRE commission of the European Parliament, Great Britain
Dominique Bourg, Professor of Philosophy and Industrial Ecology, University, Troyes
Denis Cordonnier, Senator, Premier vice-Président du Conseil général de la Meuse
Eric Delhaye, spokesman, CAP 21
Robert Fernbach, Mayor, Houdelaincourt, member of the Board of Management, CLIS
Markus Fritschi, head of repository projects, NAGRA, Switzerland
Patrick Julliard, Director, Technopole Cherbourg/Normandie
Jean-Marcel Lambinon, Chairman, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Haute-Marne
Jorge Lang-Lenton, Director of Communication, ENRESA, Spain
Rolf Linkohr, Nuclear physician, Honorory President, European Energy Foundation, Germany
Christian Namy, Chairman, Meuse “County Council”

 Chichester  Bourg  Cordonnier
Giles Chichester   Dominique Bourg Denis Cordonnier
 Delhaye  Fernbach  Fritschi
Eric Delhaye   Robert Fernbach  Markus Fritschi
 Juillard Lambinon Lang-Lenton
 Patrick Julliard Jean-Marcel
Jorge Lang-Lenton
Linkohr   Namy
Rolf Linkohr   Christian Namy


Chichestertribune entretienstrbb entretienstrbe

entretienstrb Cordonnier-linkohr Delhaye-fernbach

trba trb trbb



Christian WAETERLOOS, Directorate General Transports/Energy, European Commission



pdf-Actes conférence nucléaire
Minutes of the conference

Photos by Bertrand De Lafargue Bares