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Nogent 2003

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The first edition took place in Nogent on 28th November 2003 on :

Seeing national choices in a European perspective

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It brought together 190 high-level participants from seven European countries, Japan and the EU institutions.

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pdf-Actes conférence nucléaire
Lettre n°2: Management of Nuclear Waste
Nogent: A debate in the public interest
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The General Council of Haute Marne and La Meuse are organizing the Annual European Discussions on « The Management of Nuclear Waste in France and Europe ». The first « discussions » took place on 28 November 2003 in Nogent en Haute Marne. This event gathered scholars from all other the world and European social, economic and institutional stakeholders.
This European Discussions are patronized by the European Commission and the French government. The firms that are directly concerned by nuclear issues will also take part in the debate.

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These debates are being organized in cooperation with the association Confrontations Europe, chaired by Philippe Herzog, Member of the European Parliament and FORATOM..

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Two consulting and communication agencies are preparing these discussions : ASCPE and 3B Council. They will work in close cooperation with the General Council of Haute Marne and Meuse and with all the participants of this event.

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A working group, gathering researchers, French and European stakeholders and chaired by Claude Fischer, Executive Director of ASCPE, meets regularly in order to prepare these discussions around two round tables and the « European Discussions Letter ». The issues of this Newsletter are available on the website in French and English . It is distributed to 10 000 people all over Europe in order to answer public opinion concerns.

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Although France has opened a National Debate on Energies nuclear energy and its waste management are still tabou issues. They are also not easily dealt with at the European level. Citizens and stakeholders are not always well informed about French projects and the preparation of European directives. We consider that the propositions of the European Commission in order to establish common safety norms and the management of wastes consitute a good opportunity to go beyond ideological cleavages and put forward solutions in the framework of national choices. France will have to take decisions, as well as every other Member of the EU, upon its nuclear waste management. The 2006 deadline, set by the Bataille Law, consitutes an important step in that process.

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