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2nd Semester 2012

Lettre des Entretiens européens n°11

Sustainable agriculture and green growth: what CAP (pact) for the future?

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LEEN11 Sustainable-agriculture-green-growth couv


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European agricultural policy: 13 challenges for the future - Michel Griffon - page 3
A story of the CAP - Henri Nallet - page 4
Agriculture & food supply system: large-scale vs local production model - Jean-Louis Rastoin - page 6


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Definition, stakes, solutions: the stakeholders have the floor - Julien Marre - page 7
A strong CAP, what does that mean? - Michel Dantin - page 8
Commission communication - page 8
Europe, agriculture and budget: small and large-scale Community initiatives - Alain Lamassoure - page 9
The bio-energy in the meeting of the CAP reform - André Faaij - page 10


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Agriculture as a problem, agriculture as a solution: an inventory - Simon Key - page 11
CAP reform and the fight against climate change: development challenges are growing - Fabrice Génin - page 12
An agricultural-emissions reduction tool: carbon offsetting - Claudine Foucherot  - page 13
On-going improvement: France’s oilseed industry takes the bull by the horns - Francis Flénet - page 14


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Can the CAP be used to control agricultural market volatility? - Mickaël Poillion - page 15
The return of agriculture to the G20 - Philippe Duclaud - page 16
Organising producers in sectors and public-private co-responsibility: the driving force in the fight against volatility - Xavier Beulin - page 16
Determinants of agricultural price volatility and the CAP: the analysis of the European Commission - Tassos Haniotis - page 17
Regulating the agricultural markets in the name of global food security - Jacques Carles - page 18


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Development of EU agricultural cooperation with ENP partners - Matthias Langemeyer - page 19
For a Euro-Mediterranean agricultural and food policy based on proximity and partnership - Amal Chevreau and Jean-Louis Rastoin - page 20
AGROPOL: building cooperation based on simple rules and shared concerns - Gérard Tubéry - page 21
Violence or sharing? - Claude Fischer - page 21

pdf-Sustainable agriculture and green growth
Letter n°11
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La lettre des Entretiens européens - For sustainable agriculture and green growth
Number 11 - 2nd semester 2012
Designed and e-published by ASCPE
Director of publication: Claude Fischer
Editor-in-chief: Hervé Fischer
E-mail : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Internet :

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