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2nd semester, 2010

Lettre des Entretiens européens n°10

For sustainable energy and mobility

LEEN10 Sustainable-Energy-Mobility couv 


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- Moving towards sustainability, Lew Fulton ->page 2
- Can Europe decarbonise its transport sector ?, Jacqueline McGlade -> page 3
- Core aspects of the incoming European transport policy, Zoltan Kazatsay -> page 5


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- The biofuel sector : an involved player for sustainable development ? -> page 6
- Commission unveils its ambitions for the European sustainable biofuel market -> page 8
- Biofuels and automobile : standards have to be established, Joseph Beretta -> page 9
- Contribution of biofuel certification to the sustainability of the European biofuel market, Nadine McCormick -> page 10
- CO2 balance of biofuel sectors -> page 11
- An end to ideological stances, Sylvie Brunel -> page 12
- European biofuel industry wants to lead the way, Philippe Tillous-Borde, Claus Sauter -> page 13
- Towards an AgroResource Industry -> page 14


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- The clean car is also driving Europe forward -> page 16
- Where are the key for sustainable mobility ?, Philippe Payen -> page 17
- Electric engines : Renault comes on in leaps and bounds, Jérôme Perrin -> page 19
- Manufacturers are almost set… -> page 20
- Giving the right signal to the industry, Jo Leinen -> page 21
- World panorama of national action plans for electromobility -> pages 22-23
- From technological breakthrough to sociological upheaval, Claire Martin -> page 24
- Charging infrastructures key to the success of rechargeable electric and hybrid vehicles, Igor Czerny -> page 25
- A major issue in the renewal of the large European market, Philippe Herzog -> pages 26-27

pdf-sustainable energy and mobility
Letter n°10
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La lettre des Entretiens européens - For sustainable energy and mobility
Number 10 - 2nd semester 2010
Published by ASCPE
Director of publication: Claude Fischer
Editor-in-chief: Hervé Fischer
E-mail : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. - Internet :

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